Busabout’s 12 Days of Christmas Flash Sale

Happy holidays! Freestyle travel experts, Busabout, is celebrating the 12 festive days leading up to Christmas with mega savings. From December 12  to 23, its  12 Days of Christmas  flash sale will offer 24 hour-only daily deals on 12 handpicked 2016 itineraries, up to 50% off popular music festival packages, Hop-On Hop-Off passes, sailing trips and much more. Just like a plate of Santa’s Christmas cookies, wait too long and they’ll be gone!

What’s on sale?
-10 STEINS A CLASHING – The world’s oldest, biggest and best beer festival puts the spotlight on salty pretzels and fresh steins. Busabout lets travellers kick it off with a splash! Hostels or camping accomidations, a dedicated festival team, new friends and welcome breakfasts are all included – what a way to take in Bavaria, Germany. (on sale December 21st)
– 9 TURKEYS ROASTING – Just like a roasted turkey compliments the smorgusboard of Christmas fixings, Turkey’s melting pot of ancient civilizations, lavish colours, exotic flavours and experiences is something to be savoured. (on sale December 20th)
– 8 DAYS A SAILING…While Santa travels on a magic reindeer-powered sleigh, Busabout thinks an equally awesome mode of transportation is cruising the Med by sailboat and soaking in the hot summer sun. Chill out by day and party at night, maxing out your time to enjoy it all. (on sale December 19th)

For more info and to sign up to have the 12 Days of Christmas daily deal delivered right to your email inbox, visit:  www.busabout.com/12-days-of-christmas.  Share your favourite deals online using the #YULETRAVEL hashtag.