Look Hot this Spring with ‘Rock N Roll’ Inspired Pieces from No Name Saint

Spring has sprung and so has the brand new collection from bespoke, vintage, hand-damaged fashion line No Name Saint. The line is inspired by Bowie, Iggy, Bolan, and the DIY aesthetic the late 70’s punk scene.  Ryan Kennedy, the designer behind the line,  strives to make pieces that stand out and pay homage to a time when individuality in music was encouraged instead of stifled. Using elements like bleach, paint, sand, salt and the gentle touch of power tools, Kennedy works each piece by hand until it’s ready.

And no one dons denim, leather and concert T’s quite like a Rockstar. The proof is in the years of wear and tear: the endless guitar riffs, long nights, mosh pits, slept-in and well-worn true blues, t-shirts, and leathers all have a story to tell – before Kennedy gets his hands on them. After carefully sourcing each item from vintage stores and auctions across the country, he takes it to the next level and first-hand-damages each item to create one-of-a-kind distressed pieces that are truly works of art.

Here’s a few of our favs for SS/16 and the story of how they came to be:

Aladdin Sane Cropped Motorcycle Jacket
“David Bowie is my hero. I made this jacket before his death and in some ways I feel like my entire life as a creative has been a tribute to him. The chameleon, the pusher of boundaries, the producer, the writer, the voice – he did it all in a way that no one else did. This jacket was done using a CIY stencil made from a Bowie postcard. Lots of time spend layering and painting. Motor cycle jackets are something that I consistently seek out, this cropped version is pulled from the 80’s. Let’s dance.” ($325 CAN)
Nirvana Bleached T-Shirt
“I grew up the son of a Pentecostal minister. It was contemporary Christian music only in the house as a kid. When I was in grade 8 a classmate gave me a dubbed cassette with AC/CDs Back in the Black on one side and Nirvana’s Nevermind on the other. Officially. Game. Over. Once I heard the first strains of Smells Like a Teen Spirit I knew I was gonna start a band, grow my hair long and buy a cardigan…

.” ($85 CAN)


GAP Bleached and Frayed Sleeveless Flannel
“We are facing a vintage problem. The rise of fast fashion will inevitably signal the demise of plentiful vintage. Vintage is an ever-changing product of the last 25 years. It the clothes we buy now don’t last 25 years, what happens? When I’m buying for No Name Saint I’m always trying to find clothes that have been made to last. I have a clothing crush on brands like Polo, Gant, Espirit, and especially vintage GAP. This flannel is the perfect plaid: it has been raw cut at the sleeves and spot dyed to make it stand out. Soaked in salt water to make it soft and broken in, it’s a piece to mark the next wave of 90’s vintage.” ($75 CAN)

For more info visit www.nonamesaint.com