Be My #Bacontine? A&W Celebrates Canada’s Love for Bacon

It’s no secret that Canadians love bacon! In fact, a recent survey conducted by A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. revealed that 80% of Canadians believe bacon makes a burger taste better. Good news bacon lovers – beginning Monday, February 15, A&W will serve  bacon in its restaurants coast-to-coast and wants to wish Canadians a Happy #Bacontine’s Day!

A&W’s bacon is 100% Canadian raised, naturally smoked and contains nothing artificial, using only naturally occurring preservatives. The recipe is simple: pork, sea salt, cane sugar, cultured celery extract, cherry juice and natural smoke. That’s A&W’s  #BaconGuarantee.

Here are some more more fun facts!

A large segment of the population say they would give up social media accounts including Facebook (25%), Twitter (38%) and Instagram (39%) for great-tasting bacon and 4% would give up the Internet altogether. And an alarming 3% of Canadians would give up their current relationship for great-tasting bacon. While Canadians generally love bacon, Saskatchewanians are head-over-heels with 92% agreeing that bacon makes a burger better and are most willing to give up their cellphones (18%) and Internet (10%).

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