Be A Handwriting Hero and Join the BIC Fight For Your Write Movement

The school year is quickly approaching, and parents across the country are preparing for their children’s first day back in the classroom. To help them get ready, BIC has developed a range of trendy writing tools and exciting handwriting activities that are certain to engage kids and motivate them for the upcoming school year.

Learning how to write by hand is an important skill that helps children become both independent and confident learners. That’s why BIC is encouraging Canadians to join the BIC Fight For Your Write movement. The campaign includes weekly handwriting challenges on to help prepare children for the upcoming school year and spark their creativity. For every challenge submission, BIC will donate $10 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada to help ensure Canadian children and youth have access to the best possible tools for success.

Know the Facts: 

Experts recommend (at least) 15 minutes of handwriting each day for students.

Handwriting Engages 14 different abilities:
1. Visual Focusing
2. Mental Attention
3. Organized Physical Movements
4. Receptive Language
5. Inner Expressive Language
6. Memory Recall
7. Concentration with Awareness
8. Spatial Perception
9. Organization
10. Integration
11. Eye-Hand Coordination
12. Motor Planning
13. Tactile Input
14. Crossing Midline

We hope you’ll join the Fight for Your Write movement and be a Handwriting Hero #BICFFYW