Baci Perugina’s Premium Chocolate Easter Eggs are Back

What: Baci chocolate – cherished not only for its premium Italian quality and irresistible taste, but also for the joy it gives those who receive it – is a messenger of emotions that brings people together. With its perfect blend of decadent dark chocolate, layered over a crunchy, chocolaty-hazelnut filling topped with a whole hazelnut, each part of the Baci is created to give people an experience of total affection, indulgence and charm. Every confection is embraced by the brand’s signature “love note”, or sentimental message, now available in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Chinese.

About: Baci Perugina’s delightful love story began in 1922 in the medieval Italian city of Perugia, where the chocolate was first formed in the hands of Luisa Spagnoli, the creative genius of Perugina chocolate. With her entrepreneurial spirit, Luisa came up with the innovative idea to create a special new recipe for what is now known across the world as the Baci. The confection was later wrapped in its trademark “love note”, which continues to embrace the chocolate to this day. Legend has it that Luisa Spagnoli used the romantic messages as a way to communicate with her beloved Giovanni Buitoni, the Co-Founder of Perugina.

Bonus: Baci chocolate Eggs and Mini Eggs make the perfect Easter treats for friends, family and loved ones, inspiring unforgettable shared moments of love and affection. Baci Perugina Easter Eggs  are one of the finest expressions of Italian craftsmanship in chocolate. The shell of the traditional chocolate egg is made with Baci Perugina’s premium-quality chocolate, with a delightful surprise of four Baci chocolates inside. The variations available include: Dark, with classic dark Baci chocolates inside; Milk, with milk Baci chocolates inside; and Extra Dark 70%, with extra dark Baci chocolates inside.

Baci Perugina Mini Eggs, also made with superior Italian ingredients, are available in four different variations: Dark – fine dark chocolate filled with a chocolate-hazelnut cream center and chopped hazelnuts; Milk – fine milk chocolate filled with a chocolate-hazelnut cream center and chopped hazelnuts; Fondentissimo – dark Luisa chocolate filled with a chocolate-hazelnut cream center and chopped, caramelized cocoa nibs; Assorted – mix of all three variants of Baci Mini Eggs.

Where: Baci Perugina’s Easter Eggs (266g – $17.99 CAD) and Mini Eggs (150g bag – $5.99 CAD) are now back on the shelves in Canada, just in time for chocolate’s favorite season!

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