M. Joakim Performs Concert at The Music Gallery

Where: The Music Gallery,  918 Bathurst Street.
When: June 11, 2022 at 9pm
Cost: Tickets are available at  showclix.com. The concert will also be livestreamed at musicgallery.org  on June 11 at 9pm.

Details: Lighting designer and composer M. Joakim performs a concert exploring sound and light. The show is a synthesis of electronic disciplines using a live set of hardware-generated electronic music, which triggers a light show through a one-to-one signal. Beams of light hang in the air while washes of soothing tones and colour transform the room. M. Joakim plays the electric mediums in real time just after sunset, showcasing  lights and music working in perfect harmony.

M. Joakim is a lighting and production designer and composer based in Toronto. She often plays music as Saturn City, an ambient electronic project based on the moons of Saturn.

More Info: musicgallery.org   @musicgalleryTO  @musicgalleryto