Inside at Toronto Fringe


Jonathan Wilson and Ryan Russell. Graphic design by Ryan Russell.

Where: Tarragon Theatre Extraspace, 30 Bridgman Ave
When: July 6-16, 2023
Cost: Tickets are $13 and can be purchased at

Details: Inside is the story of Tom (played by Jonathan Wilson) who seems to be following and stalking Canadian porn star Ryan Russell. Ryan is accustomed to stalkers and tries to help Tom. He invites Tom into an old warehouse to sit and talk, and there, the two men discuss Tom’s ‘problem’. Ryan discovers that Tom is apparently not a gay man. So what does he want from Ryan? What, in fact, does one man want from another? Especially, why does a straight man want to get closer with a gay man if he is not in any way gay? In this play both men confront issues of masculinity, vulnerability, and identity – raising questions that are central to the lives of all men – gay, straight, bi or ‘whatever’?

Inside is a ‘dramedy’; a play that is both funny and moving; thought-provoking and purposely written to challenge an audience beyond the traditional ideas of gender and sexuality that are presented (every day now it seems!) in contemporary media. It is also a chance to see two seasoned Canadian performers – actor/writer Jonathan Wilson – and Canadian sex symbol Ryan Russel.

Written/directed by Sky Gilbert and produced by Inside-on-the-Run Productions. Features a new short film by performance artist/filmmaker Keith Cole.

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