Get in Shape with XBody – The Revolution of Fitness

What: Hidden beneath the glitz and glam of Yorkville is a serious gym, Lucid Health & Fitness, which offers a revolutionary new concept in working out. Popular in Europe and recently gaining hold in Canada, the XBody fitness system uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to give you a full body workout in just 20 minutes.

About: You may have had physiotherapy using an EMS machine – XBody uses the same electrical muscle stimulation but the electrodes are in a training suit that you wear to workout. (The training suit is at the gym so there’s one less thing to carry for your workout!) All the impulses directly reach their target muscle group; there are also electrodes along your spinal column which help to work rarely used muscles and improve your posture.

Aman of Lucid Health & Fitness uses the XBody system as part of an overall fitness program depending on your individual needs. She expertly adjusts the system to alter intensity levels and reach different body parts as she instructs you in a fitness series. Her clients save time and have increased weight loss, muscle tone, strength and in some cases even spot reduction.

Bonus: While it’s definitely not the lazy person’s answer to working out, this is not something that you just strap on and it does the work. You do the work but the benefit is the XBody intensifies what you’re doing – as a result  you’re able to get deeper into the muscle which shortens workout times with great results. In other words, a full body intense workout that would normally take you at least an hour can be done in 20 – 25 minutes.

XBody is also a balanced all-body training which doesn’t stress the joints and can reduce problem fat accumulations. Another great benefit is that you can get a great massage from the electrodes right after your workout.

Where: Lucid Health & Fitness studio is located at 99 Yorkville Avenue. To register and for more info visit or call 647.669.7557.   @AmanLucid

 ** First session is FREE if you mention Juicy Stuff!!**