Perceptual Archaeology (or How to Travel Blind) at Crow’s Theatre

Where:  Streetcar Crowsnest, 345 Carlaw Avenue
When: June 1-25, 2023
Cost: Tickets range in price and can be purchased at

Details: Perceptual Archaeology (or How to Travel Blind)  is designed and created for blind and sighted audiences.

What is it like to travel blind? Blind artist Alex Bulmer welcomes you to her five part “talk” exploring this question. Adapted for theatre from her original blind travel essays, Alex sets off on a dramatic journey that playfully twists and turns across differing geographies and unexpected emotional terrain. Imagine a play created by blind and sighted artists. Imagine a play developed with a love of improvisation, sound, the absurd and the uncertain.

The  Fire and Rescue Team is an artist-led performance collective, co-founded and helmed by theatre artists Alex Bulmer and Leah Cherniak. Alex has a background in artistic adaptation, writing and music, finds creative momentum in the improbable, and creates within the disruptive uncertainty of blindness. Leah has a history of directing – making theatre where improvisation is an impetus in the rehearsal process which values rhythm, invention and uncertainty. They share a rigour for analysis and language, an attraction to risk, and the playful subversion of audience expectations.

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